What We Do

We help you answer the most important research questions – Just ask the market!

Opinions Market Research is a boutique market research agency led by the innovation and technology. With research experts and an active online panel of respondents, we provide a full range of cost effective, targeted and immediate research solutions to our clients. We conduct research for companies and agencies in Ireland and overseas.

Why we are different

Our new SPEED RESEARCH service is the fastest and affordable research tool on the market. Got a project? Then put us to the test!

Online Research Access to Panel

We provide Online Research services such as online surveys and online focus groups among our own online panel or among an audience provided by the client.

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Survey Design and Analysis

We provide assistance in survey design according to customers’ needs. We analyze collected data and present results in easy to understand report formats.

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Qualitative Research Focus Groups

We offer traditional focus groups (FG) and in-depth interviews (IDI) including recruitment, moderation and analysis. We also conduct telephone and online qualitative studies.

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Market Research Consulting

We provide clients with research advisory on every level of the research project. We work in the partnership with our clients, acting as their ‘research arm’.

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Web Usability Testing

We provide traditional website and system usability testing research, as well as innovative solutions such as Eye-Tracking technology.

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Mystery Shopping

Our mystery shopping services help effectively measure customer service delivery program and assess operating procedures, code of conduct and customer’s real experience.

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Opinions Panel

The Opinions.ie panel is highly engaged, nationally representative and all the time expanding.

One of our major assets is Opinions.ie online panel composed of approx. 10,000 members. We achieve very high response rates within quick turnarounds. All members are incentivised to participate in online surveys, focus groups and other studies.

The panel allows us to run an array of quantitative and recruitment for qualitative projects in no time. We operate a best in class panel management system and have a dedicated Panel Manager who maintains the panel to the highest quality standards.

10,000 Members

Nationally representative

Highly engaged

Quick turnaround

We adhere to ESOMAR guidelines in relation to panel management

Join the Panel

Case Studies

We have worked on various projects with big brands in different industries

About Us

We are a professional research agency, offering a full range of marketing and market research services

Formerly known as Sponge It, OPINIONS.IE is a professional research agency, offering a full range of market research services since 2008. We specialize in quantitative and qualitative techniques, which enables us to better understand consumers’ expectations and generate valuable insights for our clients.


We act with integrity at every stage


We do what we say


We are one step ahead


We support our clients, members and employees


We ensure high service quality

Who we work with

Opinions.ie has worked with national and international brands across different industries, including: retail, insurance, finance, tourism, education, health and government, where we carried out following research projects: brand tracking, pathway to purchase, attitudes survey, customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, focus groups, user testing and other.

Typically we have worked with media clients such as PHD Media and OMD (Omnicom Group), Mindshare and Mediacom (GROUP M), and other Advertising, Creative and PR agencies providing research services such as: pre-post campaign testing, user experience testing, creative, design and packaging testing, media usage survey, ad effectiveness trackers, B2B surveys and focus groups.

  • Media Agencies

  • Ad Agencies

  • PR Agencies

  • Brand Managers

  • New Products Developers

  • Marketing Managers

  • Business Owners

  • Market Research Agencies

ESOMAR Guidelines

OPINIONS Market Research at every stage follows the guidelines of ESOMAR, the worldwide organization for market research. It has agreed to abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice, providing the client an assurance of high quality and ethical research practice.


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