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Sustainability @ OPINIONS

Our Commitment to a Better Planet through Trees and Bees

We conduct such a breadth of work for clients in the area of sustainability, so we ensure that we practice what we preach. Over the past two years we have implemented a series of initiatives in our workplace to show our dedication to a sustainable workplace.

We have worked with the Dublin City LEO to develop a robust sustainability policy and plan that saw Opinions reach Net Zero in 2023 and we aim to continue this into the future.

Hometree Charity HQ

In 2022 we stared our native tree planting programme in Co. Clare that is run in conjunction with Hometree. We offer our panel members the option of donating their incentives for survey completion to this tree growing initiative and for every project we work on we plant several trees to offset the carbon footprint of completing that project. In 2022 we planted 400 trees and spent the day down in Clare learning about the benefits of our tree planting programme.

Hometree Team Photo
Openhive Initiative

Openhive Initiative

As our team and business continues to grow, we wanted to ensure we kept our promise of a sustainable workplace so this year (2023) we have also embarked on a pollinator scheme supporting a hive through the Open Hive initiative which is already thriving.