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Opinions InnoVizr

Do you want to develop the optimal concept for your brand?

Applying with the principles of Design Thinking we have developed a multistage Innovation system, Opinions InnoVizr. This is a consumer-led design sprint incorporating both qualitative phases to arrive at optimised product propositions.
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A typical process takes starter platforms and works with a carefully recruited creative consumer council (CCC) who we work with using design-thinking protocols to develop new product propositions. These are visualised “live” by a visual artist, word-smithed and quantitatively evaluated that same night.

These results are then presented within 24 hours, allowing us to consider the quantitative survey feedback to shortlist and refine the propositions with the client team, before re-convening the Consumer Council to further fine-tune these qualified ideas. With optimised propositions we conduct a final round of quantitative evaluation before arriving at a recommendation for further development.

There are instances where another round of creation and validation is required, but generally two of these rounds is sufficient.

We have worked with clients using our Opinions InnoVizr approach here in Ireland, in the US and the UK. Clients can join the development the journey at every stage either as active participants or observers. It is a tried and tested system that delivers.

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To learn more about the Opinions InnoVizr approach and what we can do to streamline your innovation system, please get in touch with Us.