Opinions AdVizr

Do you want to know how your comms strategy is working for your brand?

The accessibility and variety of communications platforms at a brand’s disposal has never been greater, and with platform analytics providing welcome accountability and headline performance metrics, we have lots of data at our disposal. These solutions are useful and tactically effective; however, they often fail to deliver objective, independent strategic guidance and depth of understanding when it comes to creativity and “whole of campaign” effects.

Strategy Sketch - Ad Development & Evaluation

At Opinions we have worked with some of the best marketing teams to develop solutions that address this using our Opinions Advizr Toolkit. Whether you are developing a new creative direction for your brand, or you want to optimise existing assets or better understand your media mix, we can help. At the heart of our approach is a recognition of creativity in building effective brand communications strategy that delivers for both the short-term and long-term success of your brand.

We have a rich databank of award-winning advertising across all media channels and a variety of categories that you can benchmark your works performance against. What’s more our approach has been designed to be integrated into core brand tracking programmes to provide you with an efficient and consistent means of evaluating you and your competitors on an ongoing basis.
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If you want to learn more about the Opinions AdVizr Toolkit, please get in touch with us.