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Have you ever thought about what influencers could do for your business?

Influencer marketing is one of the top marketing trends right now. It’s important for brands to get their strategy right and choose the perfect influencer for their partnerships. Many brands have used quantitative research tools to evaluate their advertisement and sponsorship strategies, it’s time to do the same for influencers with our Opinions InfluencerVizr Toolkit.
Influencer Partnerships

Influencer partnerships are often overlooked by brands when there are many important considerations. Consumers nowadays are constantly searching for authenticity, especially in brand partnerships. Choosing the wrong influencer can cause reputation damage to a brand, therefore it needs to be carefully considered. Brands can gain the reassurance that their partnership is right through carefully crafted research.

With our toolkit, brands can either pre-test influencers to achieve optimal brand fit, or post evaluate their influencer campaigns, benchmarking against competitors. We use key metrics such as credibility, authenticity, distinctiveness, as well as gauging purchase intent and appeal.

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