Opinions DataVizr

Opinions is rooted in the world of analytics and our senior teams has been at the forefront of marketing science and analytics for over 20 years. We have scooped the Research Excellence award for Data Analytics for the last two years and our capabilities in this space is something that really sets us apart.

Our toolkit includes a number of proprietary tools for advertising, media, innovation, segmentation and brand analytics among others, but we equally develop bespoke analytical solutions to meet your particular needs.
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Analytics is a broad church, so we wont attempt to list the approaches we use, but some of the more common solutions are:

These approaches are used to bring you greater clarity and confidence in your direction and they will help you to get the most from your data and see beyond the obvious.

We also provide the option for data dashboards that allow you to interrogate the data further after the project has ended with automated charting of these outputs.

Data Analytics Dashboard

If you want to learn more about the Opinions AdVizr Toolkit, please get in touch with us.