Opinions OptiVizr

Do you want to know how successful your innovations and NPD is likely to be?

We are in a world where product innovation is abundant, but many new products fail to inspire or gain the relevant desired commercial traction. Placing the consumer at the heart of the innovation process is key and quantifying the opportunity has never been more important to brands to validate and justify the investment in NPD and subsequent roll out. Traditional product concept testing has been a qualitative exercise but senior decision makers on NPD development in this fast paced world need clear numbers to support their decisions.

Concept Evaluation

At Opinions we have worked with some of the best marketing teams to develop solutions that address this using our Opinions OptiVizr approach. Whether you are at your initial stage of product development or further along the stage-gate process, we can help. We assist our clients in crafting tangible product concepts and employ our OptiVizr methodology to prioritize ideas with the highest commercial potential, placing the consumer experience at the forefront of our considerations. At the heart of our approach is a robust platform for evaluation as well as identification of elements for concept optimisation. We leverage our strategic consulting experience to help clients prioritise the more immediate and longer term innovation pipelines.

We have a rich databank of normative scores for our proven key metrics across a range of sectors, internationally enabling you to benchmark your product ideas again the best in class.

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If you want to learn more about the Opinions OptiVizr approach, please get in touch with us.