Opinions TribeVizr

Identifying, Understanding and Focussing on the right type of people is critical for brands.

Opinions TribeVizr represents a collection of tried and tested approaches to provide the clarity that you need to do this.
With a number of award-winning projects behind us and a client list that includes some of the most sophisticated marketers, we provide you with a fresh approach to truly get to grips with your market.

Market Segmentation

Every segmentation exercise is unique in terms of its ambition and application, so while we build on many years of experience and a multitude of solutions that have delivered, we build bespoke models that work for you and your business. Whether you need a descriptive, demographic, attitudinal, psychographic, mindstate or needs based framework we will devise the perfect solution to suit your needs.

At Opinions we take the time to ground ourselves in your world through workshopping with our clients and trawling third party data for clues that can inform the models. When needed we will include in-depth qualitative approaches to engage directly with your audience. This is before we get to work in applying our advanced analytical techniques to carefully designed survey data.

We have scooped the Data Analytics award for each of the last two years at the Marketing Society Research Excellence Awards and we bring this know-how to bear on all of our projects. We don’t want to get all technical here, but by exploring the best route through clustering methods, factoring and choice modelling we provide you with robust and effective solutions. We will ensure that the emerging tribes can be easily identified, that they are intuitive and reachable, and of course that we leave you with the capability of including a set of questions and algorithm that allow you to integrate these into your other research programmes.
Team Growth

To find out more about segmentation and how the Opinions TribeVizr approach can help you and your business, please get in touch with us.