Research Services

Our solutions fuel your insight

Brand Studies

Understand your customer and your brand

Spontaneous and Promoted Brand Awareness. Advertising Awareness. Penetration. NPS. Favourite Brand. Brand Consideration. Brand Tracking. Modular Approach Brand Tracking.

Path to Purchase

Walk with your customers

Awareness, consideration, conversion and evaluation. Investigate the Drivers, Motivators and Inhibitors affecting customer decisions. Understand the journey and customer touchpoints.

Customer Satisfaction/Customer Experience

Understand customer happiness

Conduct research with your customers, your client base or your staff. NPS Score, Measure KPIs. Assess the journey and satisfaction.

Ad/Creative Testing

Understand Media Impact

Test any media (TV, Radio, OOH, Digital) pre-campaign, mid-campaign or post-campaign. Assess advertising and sponsorship awareness and effectiveness.

New Product Development/Concept Testing

Understand customer acceptance of new product

Reaction to concept. Interest in purchase. Likes and Dislikes. Potential Price. Likely usage occasion and frequency.

White Label Research

Partnership and Collaboration

We can be your ‘in-house’ research arm. We can run research through our own panel, your customer database or association database, producing reports using your approved template and branding. Our offer is also designed for intermediaries/agencies to buy at wholesale rates and sell at competitive retail rates.


Receive actionable insights

We pride ourselves on being flexible and agile. We have a variety of options for delivering valuable insights to you; from data only to a dashboard to a topline to a full report and presentation - we'll work with you to ensure we meet your research needs.

Opinions SPEED

Sample responses in 48 hours

Fast, nimble and innovative online survey. Quick turnaround. Cost effective. Immediate Insights - we can achieve up to 500 general sample responses in 48 hours and share interim results within hours of launching.

Opinions ONLINE

Adaptable and Flexible online survey

Suitable for both Ad Hoc and Tracking studies. Interviewing from our own panel across Ireland or with your own customer/client database.

Opinions OMNIBUS

Syndicated research

Syndicated online survey of 1,000 nationally representative adults across Ireland. Fast and cost effective - pay per question.

Opinions PANEL

Sample access

Have all the goods just need the sample? We can provide access to our own panel in Ireland. We can also provide panel access outside of Ireland through our panel partners.

Opinions UX/System Usability Testing

Access a quality panel

Have various aspects of your app or website tested and evaluated by members of our panel.


Sample access

Focus groups, mobile ethnographies, mystery shopping, in-depth interviews, online diaries, online communities.